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You will find a variety of useful tools on the website. If you would like to see more, please submit a tool request using the contact form on the website. If you find any of the tools useful, donations are always appreciated.

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Time for Tools....

My name is Joyel Puryear. I am a web and application developer. My business website is I have many different personal websites as well. My entire website network and online precense can be found at is an area on the internet for me to create random tools and experiment with different technologies.

Some of you may find some of these useful. Some of you may find some of these things stupid. There is no structure or order to what I build here. It's just an online wasteland of random tools, for random purposes. I fully expect to create web tools for a variety of things, desktop tools for other things, and perhaps the occassional mobile tool (or mobile browser tool). I hope you find some things here that you can use, have fun and take a look around.

The current tools available on this website are: