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Contact Form Generator

Tool Stats

Tool Description

The following tool is used to generate a stand alone contact form. This contact form can be used by web developers, or by anyone who knows basic xhtml/css. If your a web designer and don't know programming, then this contact form would also be perfect for you. Currently the feature set for this tool is not very large. Over time I will be expanding the functionality as I release new versions of the tool. Right now I just have a basic contact form generation utility setup. Later on down the road, I will be created a great deal of additional functionality to this tool. The labels have tooltips to help fill you in on some information about those specific fields.

General Settings

This section allows you to specify the general settings of your contact form.


This section allows you to clarify what your messages are going to be for your contact form.

Form Fields

This section allows you to clarify what form fields are going to show up on your contact form.