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You will find a variety of useful tools on the website. If you would like to see more, please submit a tool request using the contact form on the website. If you find any of the tools useful, donations are always appreciated.

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This site is meant to serve as my development platform. I will be developing random tools that I think of. Some of the tools might be very small, while others might be extremely large and convoluted. Some of the tools may be free, while others I may charge for use of. All of the tools on this site were developed directly by me (Joyel Puryear) (unless otherwise posted), for various purposes. Some of them are for fun, while others are simply random experiments.

You can request tool development as well. I would develop two types of tools for you. The first would be standard requests. These would be random ideas from people that I receive through the contact form. If I decide to take one of these ideas, and turn it into a tool then I retain full rights to the tools development, usage, and do whatever I see fit with the tool. I retain 100% ownership of all tools built in this manner. I do however generally leave credit for the person who made the request. I would put something along the lines of "This tool was requested by xyz". The second type of tools I can create for you, are tools that you pay me for. If you would like to hire me to develop any form of tool for you, please visit my development website at